Fragile Concrete

First published: 24th July 2016

There is, at the moment, a temporary lamppost at the junction of Nam Long Shan Road and Wong Chuk Hang Road. Its base is a large concrete block, about 1.2m cubed, painted in black and yellow stripes.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, it is surrounded by plastic workmen's barriers. Why? The visibility of a large, black-and-yellow block isn't improved by the thin red-and-white barriers. The safety of passers-by is not improved, anyone colliding with the barriers is still likely to hit the block, and the barriers have feet that stick out to trip people who manage to avoid a head-on collision.

The remaining possibility is that the purpose of the barriers is to protect the block from damage caused by human bodies. Two days after my initial photo, workmen were on the scene adding traffic cones around the block, which seems to confirm the fragile concrete theory.


Beware of block! (21 July 2016)Beware of block! (21 July 2016)
Add more cones! (23 July 2016)Add more cones! (23 July 2016)