Another Open Letter to Chief Executive Carrie Lam

First published: 02nd July 2019

Dear Carrie Lam

I am disappointed that I find it necessary to write to you again concerning recent events. You do not appear to have heeded my previous advice, and your flawed leadership has allowed circumstances to escalate.

In your speech to the media this morning, you stated that nothing is more important than the rule of law in Hong Kong. On the contrary, your primary duty, under Article 4 of the Basic Law is to safeguard the rights and freedoms of people in the HKSAR in accordance with law. The safety of the people is paramount, and the rule of law is necessary for that safety.

With your professed support of the rule of law, I must ask why, on 27 June, you sat down with and offered your support to leaders of an organised gang, members of which were videoed on 12 June attacking people on the ground with batons and shields, discharging firearms horizontally at head-height and assaulting journalists. I write organised gang instead of Police Force because many of the people involved were not displaying their identification numbers. Police Officers hold a special respect in society because they individually accountable for upholding the law. I suggest that you should ask for the resignation of Secretary for Security John Lee for his egregious falsehood to Legco that the uniforms had "no room" for identification numbers.

I am shocked and saddened by the vandalizing of the Legco building. Do you think that your support for Police violence legitimized the use of force in the minds of the vandals?

To move forwards now we need a full, independent inquiry into all the recent violence. Trust in the Police cannot be rebuilt by sweeping abuses under the carpet. Perhaps the inquiry can be modeled on the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

You should take comfort in the fact that there are still a very large number of people in Hong Kong who are prepared to peacefully demand the withdrawal of a bill that would undermine Hong Kong's core strengths. We do not want violence and vandalism. Hong Kong needs a leader that can admit her mistakes and take positive action to heal the rifts in society.


Allan Dyer
voter in the Hong Kong Island and IT Constituencies

Updated: 02nd July 2019

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