Privacy Ordinance needs Strengthening

First published: 12th March 2008

I am so glad that Eugene R. Raitt and the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association considers that the existing Personal Data Privacy Ordinance is "fine the way it is written" (Letters, 12 March). I am sure that is a great relief to all the people whose data was leaked from the IPCC last year.

I agree with the Privacy Commissioner, Roderick Woo Bun, that the ordinance needs to be reviewed and improved. I think there are two major areas that should be updated:

Finally, can I remind Mr Raitt that the ordinance is not targeted at his responsible members, as we have seen from the IPCC case, the recent nude photos cases, and from the massive data leaks in the USA and UK, many people and organisations are holding, processing, and sometimes mis-handling, personal data. We need effective regulation of this.