Let's be proud of our police

First published: 31st January 2001

May I thank veteran police officer Johnny Lee Chi-ho ("Police morale is very high", January 24) and his colleagues for attempting the impossible and coming closer to achieving it than anyone could reasonably expect.

Recently, a body was lost, possibly in a landfill, finding it was an important, but almost hopeless and extremely unpleasant task. Who else but the police can we depend upon to take on such challenges? Perhaps the press concentrates on officers who have allegedly committed crimes because they are so rare.

In countries where the police are corrupt to the core few in the press will speak out.

However, we must not let the integrity and dedication of our police be undermined by a trickle of evil.

Therefore we must have transparent, independent and fair investigations of allegations, not because we don't trust and support the police, but because we do support them and want to continue to trust them.