DAB tried to exploit tragedy

First published: 27th August 2010

I am disgusted by the attempt of one political party, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, to gain from the tragedy of the Manila bus shooting.

In news videos of the protest held outside the Philippines consulate, and in the picture accompanying this paper's report ("Call for cool heads amid reports of sackings in possible racist backlash", August 25), there are banners printed with protest slogans and the DAB logo.

The raucous chanting at the protest appeared intimidating and calculated to fuel anger. I feel that a candle-light vigil would have conveyed the strength of feeling just as well, and been far more appropriate to the sorrow of the occasion.

The elected members of the political parties could have shown their leadership by calming the situation, as Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen did. Now is a time for sorrow.

In the coming weeks, we will need cool heads that can ask, and get answers to, difficult questions. Nowhere is there a place for rabble-rousing that appeals to the base desire for revenge.