Education chief fails to grasp the point of learning

First published: 24th May 2020

Dear Carrie Lam,

please can you ask for the resignation of your secretary for education, Mr Kevin Yeung, on the basis of his remarks at his May 15 press conference?

The purpose of education is to prepare our young people for life in a complex world, able to evaluate evidence and opposing arguments, and to form reasoned opinions. The purpose of a public examination is to challenge students, and give them the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies.

A candidate that puts excessive weight on two administrative documents from the start of a 45-year period, showing no knowledge of later wars, invasions and other greater events should score very poorly on the question. Invalidating the question punishes the students able to present reasoned arguments drawing on rich background knowledge.

Mr Yeung’s remarks demonstrate his lack of understanding of the purpose of education and examinations. This makes him unsuitable to lead the Education Bureau.

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