Cloud Types

First published: 20th March 2021

This page shows different types of cloud, observed in my videos. The relevant part of the video will be embedded, along with the cloud name, probably a link to reference material on it, and maybe other relevant notes. Please bear in mind that I am not a nephologist, or even a meteorologist so I might have misidentified them, send your corrections if you know better. If a cloud type is missing, I haven't found it in my videos yet, the list will be updated as I collect more videos.

The early ones are timelapse videos of Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong.

Cloud TypeExampleNotes
Banner CloudFrom about 2:06 in the video, a cloud forms to the left of the hill, changing shape but staying "stationary". An example of Orographic Lift forming a Banner Cloud.
Cloud Base 200m (Stratus)From dawn, there is a heavy layer of stratus clouds with the base around 200m altitude, estimated against the hill, Brick Hill (Nam Long Shan). The cloud rises and breaks up during the day.