Please Shoot Me, I'm a Tourist

I used to think that the USA had a tacit policy to encourage armed attacks on visitors. The logic is simple: people in the USA have the right to bear arms, to protect themselves and to protect against an oppressive government (hey, I'm British, I guess that would be my Government... anyone for tea? No, I'm not asking you, Boston citizens). However, it is pretty difficult to persuade an airline to let you take your gun with you, and, once you arrive, buying a gun involves time finding a gun shop, filling in forms, and waiting, so who is going to bother? So, a rational, local mugger will take their firearm and pick victims that are probably visitors by observing subtle, tell-tale signs:

The mugger can then brandish their gun and make off with the victim's valuables, secure in the knowledge that the victims won't shoot back.

It turns out that I was wrong. If the information on this webpage is correct, there is an explicit policy encouraging armed attacks on visitors. When will USA border control start issuing bullet-proof vests to all visitors?

Updated: 30th July 2011


The "right to bear arms" refers to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and permits citizens to carry weapons. It should not be confused with:

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